Patrick Todd







Paintings (2008–Present) "A discovery of subconscious para-reality"
Oil paint on canvas and panel
(16" x 20 " up to 48" x 60")

For me, these compositions are a mix of the metaphysical and the metaphorical. They both activate, and calm, my Mind.

Triangles and other geometric shapes recur throughout my compositions: at times they coalesce into irregular forms that resemble sculpture; at other times, they expand into near-organic landscapes that have an Otherworldly, sci-fi feel. I've long been been obsessed with optics and geometric patterns in my sculptural and installation work. Here, I'm trying to collapse and transpose those issues into a painterly language: solid forms flattening into imagined/illusionistic space; optics and reflections trapping themselves in the transparent layers of medium and pigment.

To arrive at each composition, I make stacks and stacks of 'automatic' drawings on paper (think of the Automatism of the Surrealists, or their game of Cadavre Exquis) first. It's essential to me that I access my Unconscious/Subconscious mind. Later, I employ a color palette that's in part inspired by the rainbow prism of optical experiments, and part by the secondary colors used in Mid-Century Modern design.

I like to think about putting light behind the pigments when I paint. When I work with photography, I am only concerned with light as a subject. Surface and texture are secondary concerns. Sound is of course the reverse. My concern with sound is to invent textures and surfaces that are interesting and novel. I feel they all converge as aspects of my world that inform my subconscious experience of reality.